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Welcome to Thunderstruck Retrievers located in West Central Minnesota

Specializing in Competitive and Hunting Retrievers

Thunderstruck Retrievers is located near Alexandria, Minnesota on 40 acres of training ponds and cover. We specialize in raising, competing, and breeding Golden Retrievers who are multi-purpose: strong field trial and hunt test competitors with friendly, loving attitudes that can serve as hunting companions and pets. We compete in both AKC field trials and hunts tests and are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, West Central Minnesota Retriever Club, and Central Minnesota Retriever Club.

If you are eager to have a working dog that also will be a great companion in your home, please contact us. We breed for the competitive homes that will give our puppies a job to do as they grow, but our litters will also be appropriate for hunting companions and as pets. Our goal is to send puppies to your homes that are well socialized, eager to learn, inquisitive, and full of desire. If you are considering a current litter or one in the future, please browse our website or visit with us about our dogs, facilities, breeding program, training, and philosophy.

About Us

Upcoming Events

"What the Books Don't Tell You" Retriever Training and Handling Seminar

Presented by Tim Springer of Dynamic Retrievers

August 4-6, 2015 at Thunderstruck Retrievers

Brochure & Registration

"What the Books Don't Tell You" seminar is a thought-provoking combination of classroom and field work with handlers and dogs. Meant to compliment any training program, we discuss core and basic principles that underlie any solid training approach. Topics include a dog's mentality, understanding dominance and submissiveness in a pack, the tools of pressure: amount and use, and maximizing your dog's learning.


Field Trial/Hunt Test Schedule

July 31-Aug. 2 Central MN RC Field Trial in Sauk Rapids, MN (Forman, Otter)

Aug. 7-8 Hennepin County Amateur RC Hunt Test/Owner Hand Qual in Princeton, MN (Dreya, Lowry, Stroker)

Aug. 15-16 West Central MN RC Hunt Test in Morris (Dreya, Lowry, Stoker, Rosie, Blue)

Aug. 14-16 Duluth RC Field Trial in Duluth (Otter)


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